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Air-cooled Plastic Split Film Drawing Machine

Time:2017-06-19 13:43

I purpose

Blown film rope production line uses PP/PE as raw material to make different colored flexible packaging rope of different specifications through color matching, extrusion, cutting, drawing, hot wire, winding and balling etc. Packaging rope has such features as softness, lightness, anti-pressing, acid-proof alkali, bright in color etc. It makes a good material for strapping goods, textile packaging and twisting different kinds of rope (cord).

This equipment has the following features: simple structure, safe operation, easier maintenance, high automaticity, good mechanical performance, continuous production.

II Main technology parameter

Type SC-65 SC-80 SC-90
Screw Diameter   mm Ф65 Ф80 Ф90
Screw Rotate Speed   r/min 30-70 30-70 30-70
Stretching Rate 1:5 1:5 1:5.5
Total Power   KW 40 60 70
Productivity   kg/h 20-30 40-60 60-80
Dimension   m 15×2×3 20×2.1×3.5 25×2.2×3.5
Gross Weight   T 3 3.6 4

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