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6-spindle Spooling Machine

Time:2017-06-16 16:43

Spooling Machine is widely used in the packaging of all kinds of continuous fiber thread such as lacerated film, chemical fiber, cotton, hemp etc. It can also make pagoda shape or column on user’s request. Products formed are arranged tightly neatly with both ends flat and straight ensuring the normal operation of the next work procedure production line. This machine is characterized by simple structure, easy operation and few easily-worn parts etc. It also employs stepless speed regulating device with tension adjustable, according to the diameter of the user’s twisting wire, space closely arranged can be adjusted freely to the greatest effect.

Model Z-250 Z-300 Z-400
Take-up,coiling dia. mm 250mm×250mm 300mm×250mm 400mm×250mm
Rope range mm 1-5mm 1-5mm 1-5mm
Motor type n.m 2.5 4 4
Dimension   cm 60×80×100 65×80×100 65×80×100
Weight   kg 100 100 100
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