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10-Head Ball Winding Machine

Time:2017-06-19 08:49

Our company develop the pp ball winder machine with PLC automatic control, multi balls works at the same time, the machine easy to operate and maintance for workers.

Type Motor Power Largest size formed mm Dimensions mm Weight
DQJ-120-5heads 1.5KW 120*120mm 1600*760*850mm 160KG
DQJ-120-10heads 1.5KW 120*120mm 2500*760*850mm 200KG
DQJ-150-5heads 1.5KW 150*150mm 1800*800*850mm 200KG
DQJ-150-10heads 1.5KW 150*150mm 2800*800*850mm 250KG
DQJ-200-5heads 1.5KW 200*200mm 2050*870*850mm 220KG
DQJ-200-10heads 1.5KW 200*200mm 3600*870*850mm 370KG
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