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weight-controlled Ball Winding Machine

Time:2017-06-19 08:50

QJ Ball Making Machine is a new type of high-efficient machine applicable to various long fabric bundles such as lacerated film, interlaced yarn, plastic rope, hemp rope, cotton thread, woolen yarn etc. It can also be adjusted to make cylinder, sphere, olive shape and column etc on request. It is characterized by convenient operation and adjustment, high efficiency, noiselessness and low maintenance rate, which makes it the desirable equipment for professional packaging manufacturers. At the same time , we can allocate 220 v motor on customer’s request for production in the mall and at home.

Main Technical Specifications

Type Spindle Speed Motor Power Largest size formed mm Dimensions Weight
QJ-200 500turns/MIN 0.55KW 200*200 720*720*450 65KG
QJ-250 450turns/MIN 0.55KW 250*250 720*720*650 80KG
QJ-150 750turns/MIN 0.55KW 150*150 780*750*680 100KG


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