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Curved wire (concrete einforcied filament)) drawing machine

Time:2018-11-12 09:12


Curved wire (concrete einforcied filament)) drawing machine is suitable for PP raw material, producing various patterns of indentation wire, used to add to the concrete, enhance the toughness of concrete, break resistance, mainly through heating extrusion molding, cooling, three times stretching, a heat setting (according to the requirements), automatic cutting;The extruder adopts pp special screw, and the feeding barrel adopts cast aluminum heating ring, which is durable.The electric part adopts the world first-class brand, the configuration high precision digital automatic control system, the constant pressure automatic feedback adjustment screw revolution, the electric appliance adopts the intelligence, the visualization, the centralized control, the management.

Type YR-65 YR-80 YR-90 YR-120
Screw diameter ¢65mm ¢80mm ¢90mm ¢120mm
Screw diameter ratio  28-33:1
Screw rotate speed 10-60r/min
Draw ratio 5-15
Winding form adjustable
Installed capacity 100-200 KW
productivity 40-50Kg/h 50-70Kg/h 80-100Kg/h 100-160Kg/h
Installation dimension 100KW-200KW
productivity 24-30*2.8*2.3 m
Toal weight 3-6T

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